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Originally Posted by dreptroman View Post
Hello there!

I have the following question and problem and found your thread!

I have already remaped a 320d 2008 auto transmission from 177 to 220 hp and 440nm (superchips). The problem is simple...i just installed the new map and after several hours of driving i seem to have a problem (the problem was there from the beginning but just noticed how and when it occurs)

at about 60kph and 100kph i have something similar to clutch judder from a manual, there is a vibration in the car and feels as if it isn't reved enough! the problem usualy occurs both in D and DS. it only lasts for a second until that speed is surpassed. I seem to have replicated the issue when manually shifting and forcing a higher gear than usual at 60kph and 100 kph for example 6th at 100 kph. If i floor the acceleration in DS mode and when manually shifting the problems seems to disappear.

The sound of the vibration resembles a car passing over the exterior painted lanes from a motorway which are ment to wake up drivers who accidentally fall asleep, but not as brutal.

Can you please tell me what could the cause of this be?

Could this be too much torque? And if so is this going to ruin my transmission?

And most important, considering Evolve offers similar figures for this engine would a remap from you present me with the same issue...maybe this would be normal due to the increased torque, if not? how do you manage to get the same torque without this problem.

If you can offer me a solution i will return the bluefin and get myself the Evolve treatment...don't actually know why i didn't do it in the first place...

They should be able to lower the torque slightly to remove this issue.