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This is a great write up and used it for my M-Sport bumper retrofit. You should all know that it is completely unnecessary to purchase and install the following parts:

51-74-8-045-348 AIR DUCT FRONT (OIL COOLER)
51-74-8-045-363 FRONT LEFT BRAKE DUCT
51-74-8-045-364 FRONT RIGHT BRAKE DUCT
51-75-8-046-333 UNDERHOOD SHIELD
51-71-8-045-399 COVER, BOTTOM L
51-71-8-045-400 COVER, BOTTOM R

Please save yourselves the trouble and money!! Unless you are using your car on a track where your car must have superior oil and brake cooling, then you don't need this!

This is what it looks like without the parts above. Can you tell the difference?

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