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Sorry, I've been super busy lately and just got back from Vegas on a company trip (so many nicely modded 3ers there, by the way). I'll redo my measurements with the 19s and post it up, but I can't imagine it being that different from the measurements I posted in my previous thread (I included a link to it on this thread a while ago...scroll up!). Rough guess for now is that I've got about an inch of wheel gap in back, and slightly less than an inch gap in front. Also im still working on getting some good pics. I don't wanna do a full on photoshoot until 1) it isn't winter or raining in kc, and 2) I get a chance to wash, clay, polish, and wax my car. So hopefully soon. When I was researching all this, I really liked grannydriver's post called "dropped it like it's lukewarm (not hot)" which I'm sure youve all ran across. So if you're dying for pics of the 19s on Eibachs, grannydriver is actually running the same suspension, wheels and tires in those pics as I am now. But his car is much cleaner than mine...yowza!

At any rate, I still haven't had any issues yet, and ride harshness isnt intolerable, so I'd say go for it if you need a drop. If you've got the cash, grab the bilsteins too, but if not, I think you'll be fine for quite a while on your stock shocks, without too much sacrifice in ride comfort.

Anyway, I'll try to keep you guys updated when I can. Cheers!
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