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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
restore to a stock 4.3.1 ipsw?

i just got my moms iPhone

When both are on WiFi, FaceTime goes through and connects without an issue (though faster if she calls me rather than if I call her, she is stock 4.2.1, I am Jb 4.3.1)

If I am on 3G and I call her, it lags a lot and it didn't go through once out of the 3 times I tried.
If I am on 3G and she calls me, it goes through smoothly.

She is on Wifi at all times obviously.

So... it works for me
Stock ipsw file.

Did a full restore and it was fine. Jailbroke and was fine. Reinstalled almost all of the original programs and it was fine. I think one of the 3G FaceTime programs was crashing FT so I tried a different one (3G unrestricted instead of my3g) and now it's fine.

Thanks for the help.