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Originally Posted by LemonIce View Post
+1 Why don't you go for an e46 M3. When I was looking for a car two years ago, I saw a great deal on autotrader. It was 2000 or 2001 e46 M3, yes it had 100000 miles, but it was the original owner and therefore the car was in a great condition! Plus, it was Laguna Seca on peanut butter brown lol. It was a nice and rare combo too. The dealer asked for $10k. Too bad I missed it.... However, long story short try to look around and wait for the right opportunity. GL![/QUOTE

Yo you must be high on some crazy shit there was no e46 2000 M3! lol just playin, but that cars a money pit. I wish it wasn't otherwise I would be driving one myself.
They are far more durable than non-Ms, especially when referring to the e46 m3.

Thing is, the chances of repair are lower, but when it does break, the M parts are more expensive.

Between the two, you're standing on the same fire.