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Yep, you can never really trust what you heard until you've heard the same from a large enough group. Thats what I learned, because I usually have a completely different experience than a friend, for example. I would have problems when his is running fine, and I would have no problems with another model, while he would have a nightmare of the same model. Everybody's car is different.

I owned an E46 M3 alongide the 330ci. Based on the M3 community and my experience, it was solid. If you were to drive the 330 the same way, it would have been done. Likewise, had I driven the e46 m3 calmly, it would have done 250k no problem, but I sold it right at the 100k mark so I wouldnt lose value. It ran flawlessly up to that point though.

My 330ci ran very well too, mechanically. The minor things went out, but that was not a problem. The m3 was more reliable for me, and most of the people I know.
Okay thanks. Would you reccomend an e92 328i/335i or an e46 M3? I'm in the market for one and really havn't been too serious about buying one because I've been worried about having to do repairs all the time. I'm not looking to get into a car that's gonna cost me a fortune just to keep up as I'm only 19 and don't make enough money to be doing that haha. Was looking at buying this one, what would be a good price for it?

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