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Originally Posted by aaronr View Post
Lol where can I get an 04 or 05 ZHP for 10k
Probably at a junkyard lol..

Do you have the money for BMW upkeep. A DYI oil change is about $70.
Gas, well today I filled up with V-Power (and I hope you will be smart and use good fuel in your car) for about $53 and I wasn't totally on E. This is a 6 cylinder car so I hope you know you won't get Civic style gas milage out of it. And as a teen you will probably drive quite a bit so get ready to start dropping Benjamins on your baby's drinking habit. Don't forget the rest of the typical wear and tear, such as breaks and tires those things will set you back a bit too. Buying might not break your bank but the upkeep probably will. Your car will also be out of warranty which means the mechanics will be loving you because when shit goes wrong you will be making it rain on them.
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