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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Not too bad, but again Terry, you would not have necessarily run a 12.77 if it was a 1/4 mile.

Again, even with you being on 93 Octane, your 1/8th mile trap speeds weren't as fast as my 1/8th mile trap speeds with the PROcede on the old (less powerful) v1.2 and running only 91 Octane (that was 86.6 mph).

It's clear Irwindale has quite a bit MORE traction than Famoso does with th ose excellent 60' and 1/8th mile ET's you got, but your Xede equipped car on 93 Octane isn't pulling as hard as the older v1.2 PROcede on 91 Octane did as the trap speeds bear that out.

That factor you use really isn't scientific enough to know what your outcome would be. There's just too many variables.
You just need to take it to a 1/4 mile track and see what you can do.
The 12.77 is just a ballpark figure. As you know we don't have any 1/4 mile tracks around that equal Irwindale's traction.

At LACR things will slow down .3-.4ths due to altitude and traction, but I think I'll be running 12.99-13.20 there. The good news is we'll have procede cars running along side so we can do a more direct comparo.