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Thumbs up Review: P3 Vent gauge V2 (pics and videos!)

I received my new V2 gauge from P3 Cars two days ago and I took the time to make a longer review. I am one of the firsts to receive the new version and all I can say is that the wait is well worth it!

Install was pretty easy, took at most 15min using the included obd connection. I'm really impressed by the build quality and overall product. I ordered the PLUS version that includes the gauge already installed in a new oem vent. All you need to do is to pop the vent out of the trim piece and install the new vent. Then connect the obd cable: super easy. Just follow the instructions, basically on a 335i the easiest way to remove the trim piece from the dash is to pull on the right of the trim piece, there is some room between the trim and the steering wheel for your fingers. Simply pull straight and the right clip will release. So if you want to remove it for dealer visit its not a problem at all, very fast and easy steps.

Config is easy, when car is off there is a menu with half a dozen settings for motor type (n54, n55), units (English or metric), Methanol flow (on/off), permanent display off and settings for sensor input that you can add. As being one of the beta testers I asked Rick if it was possible to add Metric unit for all values except boost and he agreed to add this a a third option (English only, Metric only and English for Boost only). Great news for us Canadian that wants Celsius and PSI That new feature will be included in the shipping version.

Customer support is fast and effective I had a couple emails with Rick and its a very nice guy to deal with.

Well it looks like a very positive review... Lets see if I can find something to say against... Hum... Well, check the video. I need more boost
I just can't imagine the step it would be from 8.5 psi (the max I've seen so far) to 12 (or 15) psi...

Configuration menu (when engine is off):

n54 / n55 selection:

Idle n55 motor doesn't make much vacuum

On boost (stock):

Then I went for a ride, made some video for you guys. Sorry if it shakes a bit, I did my best while trying to drive at WOT

Full 2nd gear pull (Boost display)

3rd gear pull + max boost recall (Boost display)

2x 6th gear quick pull (Boost display)

6th gear pull (IAT display)

6rd gear pull (Ignition timing display)

6th gear pull Throttle display. No throttle closure seen, its hard to loose traction in a awd car with stock tune AND holding the camera steady

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do right now. To those still waiting all I can say is that you will love it. It it reminds me the wait to get the car when it was shipped from Germany

In case someone care, its bamboo anthracite trim on coral red, I really like it and it was hard to get pictures of it when I ordered my car, so now it should be easy to find if someone search... But... Do people really use the search button ?!

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