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Originally Posted by BMR335 View Post
Thanks for the write-up with your experience, Jorge. I have been having a similar problem installing the AP on my 07 e92...gets to 2%, wipers go, then at 3% "ECU Comms" error. COBB customer service is living up to their superb reputation, as Rob@Cobb is in frequent contact regarding my situation, so I'm sure the issue will get resolved...hopefully sooner than later.

However, I'm interested to learn that you were eventually able to succeed in getting past 3%...did you do anything differently the last time around? Also, could you describe the recovery mode that you entered? I haven't seen a prompt for that or an option in the menu. I've tried to install about 15 times and have consistently had the exact same outcome.
Originally Posted by michael1284 View Post
Connection issues. It would flash to 2%, drop, then flash to 30%, drop. It kept doing this on and on. Initially thought it was a battery issue, plugged it into a charger at cobb and it was still doing it. Going to be meeting up w/ Rob in a few weeks to diagnose. I was just curious to see if anyone else were having some of the same issues. For the mean time I'm stuck w/ the tune on and my AP in recovery.
I have the same situation as BMR335. I have been talking to Rob for over a week now and he told me that he hopes to replicate the issue at their shop. Otherwise he will try to meet with one of us and find a solution .