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Originally Posted by erensf View Post
I have the same situation as BMR335. I have been talking to Rob for over a week now and he told me that he hopes to replicate the issue at their shop. Otherwise he will try to meet with one of us and find a solution .
Originally Posted by lawwailok View Post
i had the same issue at 2% too, right after my windshield wipers were swinging, and then ecu comm error. then i talked to ronnie @ socal cobb, he said it might be a dirty OBD port, so i blow all the dust out and it read past through the collecting data process. and then while flashing in, it stuck at ~88% and i thought i had a drained battery, so after another 10X trying to reflash in recovery mode, with a battery charger plugged in, finally got it flashed but then the car already had no more juice to crank. hahahaha.
Looks like there's a few of us having this problem. Mine was the 2-3% thing too for a while. Then it was all over the place. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. Rob is out of the country next week, but he's driving up to Dallas 4/21 to meet up with me. I'll be leaving my car with him for the day to see if he can figure out what's going on. I'll try to keep you guys updated.

EDIT: FYI my car is flashed, it went through eventually, but I cannot get the tune off right now because it keeps on going into recovery. We finally got it to finish flashing (93 oct Stage 1 Map) and said, let's leave it at that for now until Rob comes. Also, your car will not run if it fails during any part of the flashing process. Your car will just keep cranking. I found it helpful that when it failed at flashing, I unplugged everything, took the key out and waited 30 seconds before plugging the AP back in and trying.
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