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Originally Posted by adamr View Post
Phew ... at least im not the only one who loves his car so much ... good to know im not alone

I wont take ACC as an option, its nice like having a TV in your car and showing it off to your buddies but you end up harldy using it... NAV yes def must! ... (also got a phone that has GPS .. hehe )
Agreed... Navigation and Bluetooth are a must for me....
Originally Posted by adamr View Post
I love the Logic 7 in my car, how you finding yours? ... my music choice is all over the show (from 50cent to linkin park), driving home from monte this evening and was listening to some jazz, manfred mann .... (old stuff) ... love this sound system ...
I love my Logic 7 as well.... I think it is perfect... I assume the Individual High-end Audio will be even better... that's why I want it.... however, if it is too expensive, I will go for the Logic 7, because frankly I have not found any faults with it since 2005.
Originally Posted by adamr View Post
My extras on a ///M would be, CA, adaptive lights, 19"s, Logic-7, Nav and PDC ... whats the EDC? (I have not read the tech details in all that depth of the M3)
EDC stands for Electronic Damper Control... It will provide 3 levels of ride comfort (Normal, Sporty, Comfort)... or something along those lines... I think it will be cool to be able to change the ride comfort level at a touch of a button.... but i can see BMW pricing this option way too much.
Originally Posted by adamr View Post
Extended leather willbe pricey ... if im correct its a R70k extra on the ///M5
It's sad that they make Extended Leather so expensive.... in that case, I won't even consider it... I would much rather use that money for something else.
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