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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I'd be amazed if anybody gets 12.99-13.10 at LACR this weekend, unless they are on drags or DR's
There might be a bit more traction this Saturday though then when a few of us went two weeks ago (on a Wednesday).
They'll most likely prep the track A LOT better for German Invasion and the sun will surely warm the track surface more for better launches.

I'm not saying my 13.4's times can't be beat, as in all the times I've gone to LACR that day had the worst traction I've experienced, but I don't think even with better traction people will get much more than .2-.3 seconds better, and probably slower traps.

I'm going to guess, depending on conditions (if traction is at least better than we had the other Wednesday) this Saturday's times will be:
completely STOCK 335i (autos) will run 13.9's @ 100-101 best.
PROcede/AA Xede's (on street tires) will be within a tenth of each other (will totally be a driver's race) with times of:
13.3-13-5's @ 105-107 mph
PROcede/AA Xede's with exhaust (on street tires) will do:
13.1-13.3's @ 107-109 mph

With DR's, exhaust, and PROcede/AA Xede they MIGHT get into the 12.9's but it'll be tough.

If traction sucks as bad as it did two weeks ago add .2 tenths and take away 1 mph to those above times.
If there is a bit of a head wind add another .1 and take away .5 mph from those times on top of that.

I will be there to spectate.
As for the PROcede vs. AA prediction:
It will be a driver's race plain and simple.

It's ALWAYS a driver's race with any two cars that are within .2 seconds and 1-1.5 mph of each other. And I think the PROcede and AA Xede fit that bill.
I will however go out on a limb and say that I'll give an VERY slight edge to PROcede v1.4 tunes and a bit more of an edge to v1.45 tunes.
But again, they will be driver skill dependant.
And the fact that everybody will have different tires, different amounts of gas, different grades of gas,different overall weight, etc will induce questions as to which does better, especially if they are VERY close but one has better tires and the driver is 40-50 pounds less in weight.
Rolling runs from 50-120 mph starting in 3rd gear would showcase which truly was putting out more power and almost completely eliminate driver skill.
But weight and gas (some people "cheat" a bit and put in SOME race gas and claim they are on 91 Octane).
So hopefully most everyone puts in some race gas and everybody runs on 93 Octane tune to even things out.

It'll be fun, even to just watch (maybe I can guest drive a car or two )
Phew that's a lot of bench racing! I've got Nitto 555Rs (street drag radials), and will put in a couple gallons of 100 octane before heading out. I'm probably 30# heavier than average (200#), buy my rims are probably 30# lighter than average. I don't have a full exhaust, but I have the resonator delete. Hopefully good enough! I hope they prep the track well, that will make all the difference.

I'm sure the procede cars make a little more power, because they run more boost. The AA/xede is around 12psi in the midrange where the procede is closer to 14. They both seem to run around 12psi up top.