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Lance I will take you up on your offer for the extra 30 day satisfaction guarantee. I still have about 3 weeks and to be honest I'm on the fence about returning it, the only thing holding me back it I can't seem to uninstall it from my car. I get an error, so I'm pretty much stuck with it for now. you guys are more than welcome to take a look at my car if you guys have a place for me to go locally near socal or if there is a way for me to log something, video or if Cobb has a install log function built in I can send it. I know you guys have been on top of the product since day one and we all greatly appreciate it. I hope this gets resolved soon.

I'm also more than happy to loan you the car for a week if need be.


Originally Posted by COBB Tuning View Post
Hi guys,

First off, I would like to sincerely apologize to any user who is experiencing difficulties or has been inconvenienced in any way. There are currently a small segment of 2007 vehicles that experience communications issues during the installation process when using our beta 2007 support. We are currently investigating the cause but have been unable to pinpoint the issue.

Since getting the first reports, we have been unable to reproduce the issue on our in-house 2007 335i. We've continued attempting to reproduce on 4 separate customer vehicles, all of which completed the installation process...which is a of course good thing but hasn't been helpful for finding out what the issue is

We have an appointment with a vehicle in the Dallas area on 4/21. We hope to definitively diagnose and solve the issue based on that testing.

We will happily extend the 30 day satisfaction guarantee for as long as necessary for anyone who is unable to complete the installation or uninstallation process. Again, I'm very sorry for the hassle this has caused for anyone and very much appreciate everyone's patience. Thank you to those who have reported the issue as well, this is exactly why our initial release was done as beta and we look forward to fully resolving it.

Best regards-

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