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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by jj thumper View Post
Yea BMW M3 editions are dumb too.

More than any other car the mustang seems to be in the news with new special editions, Parnelli Jones, California CS, Shelby GT, Shelby GT500, GT500 KR, Boss 302, Rouch mustangs, Saleen mustangs shall I go on? Then you got the normal GT, V6's and such.

Im not complaining as an enthusiast, however, ever tried to buy one of these ? Oh yea the dealer want thousands over sticker. Not exactly enthusiast friendly

Oh and I drive a BMW, love apple products, and wear Oakley sunglasses and own 3 stupid expensive watches, but dont throw around the fanboy term. you hurt my feelings
All I'm saying is, issued by Ford, we have:
-V6 Mustang 305bhp
-5.0 GT 412bhp
-Boss 302 (and Laguna Seca) 440bhp
-GT500 550bhp
-GT500 Super Snake 800bhp

Wtf is wrong with that? They've covered all the grounds. There are more choices for us in the end.
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