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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
All I'm saying is, issued by Ford, we have:
-V6 Mustang 305bhp
-5.0 GT 412bhp
-Boss 302 (and Laguna Seca) 440bhp
-GT500 550bhp
-GT500 Super Snake 800bhp

Wtf is wrong with that? They've covered all the grounds. There are more choices for us in the end.
Exactly this. If people are throwing Roush, Saleen, Steeda, etc... in there, then we've got to go ahead and include Dinan, Hamann, Hartge, etc... Every single edition listed above has a specific purpose, and more importantly, serves it extremely well. What platform in the BMW lineup successfully shows this kind of versatility? There isn't one.

On the other hand, BMW's recent special editions have been nothing more than "must-have-because-it's-rare-even-though-it's-still-pretty-much-the-same-goddamn-thing-as-the-regular-edition". Blingier wheels, special paint, an extra button that sets shock bound and rebound to infinity....