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Originally Posted by ase2dais
Is he dropping the price to 200/ea. as one had suggested?

I dont believe we should pay tax?

Carbon is much better I thk?

When are you getting them?

Is the group buy materializing?

I know I got tons of questions huh?

Parts departments arent open until tomorrow, so we shall see what I get in the way of replies. I would like for them to come down to $400 total (plus shipping), but I think the offer we have here might be the best...

If I am going to buy these, I am going to have to get them painted. I might also be looking into the rear deck spoiler being as I will have to get that painted as well...

No answers as of now. I have a busy day at work tomorrow, and I know I wont be home until atleast 6 (and I get there at 6am ) I dont have time to check my email during the day, so Ill post the info asap...