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Originally Posted by Terry335 View Post
Phew that's a lot of bench racing! I've got Nitto 555Rs (street drag radials), and will put in a couple gallons of 100 octane before heading out. I'm probably 30# heavier than average (200#), buy my rims are probably 30# lighter than average. I don't have a full exhaust, but I have the resonator delete. Hopefully good enough! I hope they prep the track well, that will make all the difference.

I'm sure the procede cars make a little more power, because they run more boost. The AA/xede is around 12psi in the midrange where the procede is closer to 14. They both seem to run around 12psi up top.

Well, not exactly bench racing, but more predictions.
And as an experienced Drag racer and probably one of the people on these boards who has drag raced the most with a chipped 335i, I think it's fair that I can speak with a bit of experience on the subject.
Bench racing comes from people who don't race or use mag times as their basis for the argument.
anyway, the Drag Radials should help you get a bit more traction, and I forgot you had the resonator delete too. That's good for what 8-10 HP and weight reduction of 20-25 lbs right?
That should help your times a bit.

Again, I'd pretty much rest assured LACR will have prepped the track better this Saturday than they did (or rather probably DIDN'T do) a couple Wednesdays ago.

See you there.