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I have the same issue as everyone else here does. but I was able to get the Cobb installed. I tried for about an hour and half before it worked. you will need a battery charger. This is what worked for me. not sure if it will work for you guys. try this at your own risk I am by no means an expert at Cobb or BMW tuning. I unplugged everything that is not installed on the car, disable your bluetooth devices, unplugged my Ipod, unplugged my Radar detector. I updated the Cobb unit to the Beta version and deleted all the maps that I installed on the Cobb AP. plugged in the Cobb closed all the doors had the windows down. I also had the hood open with a Battery charge on it. I went in to the Cobb menu and went into the recovery section and the AP unit started to rebuild my stock tune. this failed about a dozen times before it finished. every time it failed I would unplug everything and start over. on the attempt before it worked it got to about 90% then failed when this happened I just hit the Start button off and back on and ran it again, at that point it made it to 100%. unplugged everything reinstalled the map on the AP and started the install once again, I did not shut the car off at this point. the first time it went through. I did have a Dinan Flash so my scenario of rebuilding the stock tune could have been attributed to that.
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I got my AP this week. I tried installing it yesterday and was unable to. I am having the same issues some of the 07 MTs are having. My is an 07 MT with a build date of Feb 07. Everytime it gets to downloading the settings from the factory ECU at 2 percent my windshield wipers start going up and down, and at 3 percent it loses connection with the ECU. I tried uninstalling the software and than reuploading the software. Still no luck. I tried a different OBD cable but that was unsuccessful. I had my friend unmarry his Cobb from his car and than tried it on mine that was unsuccessful. Anything else I should try or should I just wait until the 21st when somebody is actually taking there car to Cobb?

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