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I am also in the same situation. Finally got it to install but still fails when trying to unintall or change maps.

The Cobb AP works fine when plugged in to view the cars vitals and logs. no lose in connection. I've been running it for 5 days connected it has not lost connection yet while the car is on. so I doubt it's the OBDII port being dirty.

I'm debating going to my Dinan Dealer or BMW and having them try to reflash the DME but not sure what happens to the Cobb, as in once installed to a car it locks to that car unitl you unistall it to realease the AP Lock. The question is what happens to the Cobb AP once the Dealer or Dinan flashes the ECU and the Cobb was not uninstalled? do I now have a 900 dollar paper wait? will I still be able to return it? Will Cobb unlock the unit? or does the AP recognize the VIN and unlock the unit once plugged in and notices the flash is not there?

If anyone has any answer or suggestions I would love to hear them.

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No. Problems installing. Finally installed after lots of tries. Now can't uninstall or do anything.

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