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Originally Posted by ADHD View Post
I enjoy your posts!
You know I really don't want to be a smart ass about it but the whole interior thing just cracks me up. People talk about it like you get in and sit on a milk crate and have a chicken wire mesh dash and console.

I've had my E90 for almost 2 years and I had the M3 that I traded in for it. The BMW interior in those cars ain't that much better. I can tell you that the M3 interior is not 8K better (the difference in price between them) than the Vette's and at no time have I sat in my E90 and gone, "WOW! This is soooo much better than my other car!"

That's why I say knocking the interior is just a tired old comeback because you can't knock anything else meaningful (performance, looks, handling, drivability) about the car.