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Originally Posted by JasonBMW View Post
my suggestion is to go with quads and do custom cut out on your OEM rear bumper. now your saving money and customizing your own style without having to dish out money. use the money on wheels or additional mods that will either make you push more horses or look pretty. Royal mufflers work is nice and clean and easily cut your oem bumper and gorgeous exhaust system.
+1. This.

The op clearly doesn't understand what "poser" means. He keeps saying he realizes that going m3 would be a poser move, so now he's going with the mtech and the quad exhaust (

op, choose your own style and leave people guessing. if you do a quad with your own clean cutouts on the oem bumper, and spend the savings under the hood, or on wheels, or trim, the end result could be something cool - as opposed to something people will laugh at. I get the "too poor to do anything else" bit, but putting a new rear and a quad exhaust in the way you have described is just lame. the definition of posing is trying to fool all the people who don't know better. you yourself said "most people wont know the difference." that IS posing.

i think you should consider a dual exhaust with 3.5 or 4" pipes, with custom cutouts on your oem bumper. debadge. black out the front grill, as well as the lower grills (maybe some black race tech mesh). spend the rest under the hood e.g. cold air intake, pipes, whatever. on the outside just go for a clean custom look that will make people say "damnm, what is that.. i wonder what custom work he's done to that thing!" as opposed to "ZOMG ROFLCOPTOR LOOK AT THAT POSER 328 TRYING TO BE AN M3!"

my two cents.

side note - the m3 exhausts look silly on a non-M due to width differences. do your own custom look using OEM bumper, and doing a matching cutout on the other side. make people wonder if your car is some HOT NEW MODEL as opposed to a fake M.