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Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
I will tell you this, I am 2nd generation in the US, my grandparent come to the US in the 1920's as part of the mass immigration from Europe. From what I see and personally experienced, too many people who come to the US today are only interested in making sure everyone knows they are better than those who came before them and they think their culture is better than being an American.

Even though my grandparents could not speak good English and they celebrated their culture and we preserved much of their home country traditions, they made sure all their kids and grand-kids knew they were Americans first.

During family activities and when the grand-kids were around my grandparent required everyone to speak English. If we were in public no one was allowed to speak anything except English since my grandparent thought it was rude and disrespectful to not speak English in front of other people.

Trust me I know what discrimination is about, I grew up in area where you were definitely treated differently if you were not like everyone else. I know this still exist today, but it not as bad as it was, most nationalities use to live in their own areas of the city so if you were not from their heritage you were singled out. This is why my grandparent felt is was important to be an American first.

Now to your comments, I do feel when people wear certain things they are making an attempt to call attention to themselves and make themselves more important. I know a number of people who are Jewish and ones who I know and meet or worked with who wear a yarmulkes, are doing so to call attention to their religion. Honest, who cares what your religion is. But these people make sure people know they are Jewish and need to be treated differently than everyone else.

How do I know this, I traveled with this people to Asian countries who had not clue what a yarmulkes was, nor did they care. I found most Asians are very gracious and want to share their culture with visitors. Well these people could care less they made sure everyone knew they were Jewish and as such had specially food requirements and other restriction and were expected to be accommodated.

I feel the ones who are not tolerant are those who continue to put their culture in your face. If you cannot be an American first then then go back where you came from. Since I found that people tend to be much more accepting of you and your culture when you embrace theirs first.
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