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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Yarmulkes are worn because the religion requires they wear them (similar to the burqa). It has nothing to do with calling attention to themselves. The burqa was banned because it's a safety issue. If a yarmulke covered your entire body, it would probably have met the same opposition in France.
It is a religious requirements because? the religion want others who are not in their religion to know you are not part of them. Why do any organizing group have symbol so they can distinguish themselves from others.

I just use that as an example, I could have used any number of similar symbols as a examples. BTW the yarmulke worn in certain countries including some Asian countries is a safety risk. I was on one trip to an Asian country where this person was advised by locals that you would be best for everyone's safety he was traveling with not to wear it since he and the group could be a target. Need less to say this guy's need to show his symbol was more important than the rest of our safety.

It is all relative, you may not see it as an issue but any time a person or groups want to set themselves apart from others and in a way that causes people to react negativity it is puts people at risk.

Personally I am not interested in dying because some group hates your group and you feel it more important to show off your symbol because someone wrote it into a book over a thousand years ago.

Do not get me wrong I do not care if people want to be unique or different, that is what makes the world interesting but doing it for reasons which are only to insight others is my issue.

As someone already said Religion = Wars and they caused more of them than Crazy Dictators.

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