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well i went to ninemeister in warrington today, which turns out to be a porche specialist, with a hunter machine, the guys their know their stuff.

i showed him my previous print out, and he agreed with what some of you guys on here had suggested, that the last place hadn't adjusted the rear wheels at all, and that they had tried to botch the result, by miss-aligning the front wheels to compensate, as well as not adjusting the steering wheel...

well they realigned my rear wheels, and then the techie called me in as there was a problem,

the tracking rod, and arm (or whatever they are called) had been heated up by the previous garage, to adjust the front wheels, but the techie says they mustn't have loosened the nut, and so heated the rod up red hot to force it. he says they must have heated the metal so that it was glowing red hot, and the metal has almost welded itself together, well anyway it has now seized. their was also signs of rust on the rod and arm which i think he was suggesting has formed since the last place had 'fixed' my tracking.

well he said he would try to heat it up, to free it, then keep it moving while it was cooling so that it wouldn't seize again, but he tried this and say he wasn't able to free it, and didnt want to heat up the metal any more than he had tried!

anyway outcome is, new parts are ordered and its going in tomorrow to get fitted, and then they will finish off the alignment.

so all in this has cost me almost 350...