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Originally Posted by Mprofiler View Post
The teaser already pretty much summed up to me that the grill part was going to be ugly. Luckily this thing is still a concept.

Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Hope they don't go the Acura route and kill the styling of their cars.
+1000.....Lexus has time on their side to change the design. I hope they do.

Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Can anyone else see the E60 5 series in the side profile? I think after seeing the pictures it isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it isn't good either. The front end is ruined by that big grille. The only thing that sort of looks ok is the rear end. Even at that it looks like a Kia concept.

Also, even though it is exactly the same length as the 5 series this thing looks huge!
Dude, no way. This was my first thought too. I'm going to brag about this as I'm really shitty in spotting design ques. I matched the thoughts of the great HKS786

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