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Without prior arrangment yes, but if you ask, your own insurers will provide a free cover note for fully comp on a courtesy car for a few days for no charge (7 days minimum), as long as the loan car is not a higher group than your own car. (I had to do this for a while as I'd had a ban and the dealers own insurance won't cover bans in the last 5 years)

But the dealers still tried to charge me 15, even though they used to blag it was for 'insurance' then they tried to say ohh, errr, its for 'maintenance' or 'wear and tear' or some other tripe.

Years ago I just refused to pay the loan 'charge' when they tried it on my old E90 on some warranty work.

Once you start raising your voice a little at the service desk, they usually 'go to see their manager' and then as if by magic its free.

It's poor customer relations really. Pay for a loan car for servicing (maybe), but not warranty repairs IMO.

Honda know how to do it - My missus 35 month old Civic went in for a non critical rattle investigation, 2 guys pick it up and drop off a loan car for free next day. (mind you honda give free loan cars and free collection for regular servicing too)

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