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ANY homework as in what? I havent even seen the car yet,all i have done so far is a full HPI check to make sure everything is in order.I can make my own mind up when i actually SEE the car.I only found out i had my offer accepted a couple of hours ago and i am under no obligation to buy the car until i have seen/tested it.For the record i have more of an extensive tool range than a Halfords socket set and i carried out all repairs on my E60 with no problems at all and my local indy is an ex BMW tech so probably knows more than the careless lot in dealerships so i am happy to take my chances on the lack of warranty.
I had a warranty with supposedly one of the most unreliable cars on the road in an Audi RS6 and it never missed a beat in all the time i had it and the BMW is streets ahead in terms of reliability so forking out an extra 60 quid a month on something that will never get used (i hope) is pointless in my opinion