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Traction Control at 70mph?

Hi everyone - just picked up my '09 330d M Sport a couple of weeks ago and am looking for a bit of advice on traction control.

At low to moderate speeds I can accelerate pretty hard with no loss of traction (as I'd expect) but occasionally at m-way speed (60-80mph) on kick-down the traction control light flashes and the power is cut. The same thing has happened under only light acceleration (e.g. when resuming a cruise controlled speed). This has all been in dry conditions.

I know that the the N57 engine is very torquey but I wouldn't expect the car to break traction at these speeds and in a straight line, particularly under light throttle and in the dry.

Have any other 330d owners experienced this? Is it normal? If not, what could be the cause?

I've provisionally got the car booked in for investigation on Friday but I don't want to schlep over to the dealers if there's nothing wrong so any tips before then would be greatly appreciated!