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Originally Posted by thrill30 View Post

The least they could do was to offer the EDC as standard, to justify the R95K premium over the E46 ///M3... but no, they had to be this unforgiving. I suppose they are using the CF roof as an excuse for the price.

Right about now, those long waiting lists at dealerships are about to get really short...

hehe ... agreed ... dont think all those guys driving golf 1's for the past 5 years that ordered M3's can afford the high price tag (assuming they were saving all this time) .. so the list is gonna be small ... sure i have seen 996 twin turbos for about R800k odd ... take a Porsche instead considering a spec-ed ///M3 should be well over R700k ...

When i spoke to my sales guy at Alberante yesterday i told him i will be keen on taking an m3 in 08, he told me "i think you will be lucky and get it sooner" ... when i ordered the car last year he told me the list is too long ... so people already dropping off the list ... !?

will not go for an 07 model ... in 08 i will .. and with the///M's they always change things in the car every year ...

on waiting lists: with the RS4, dealers will go on how there is a year waiting list, i emailed a couple of dealers on a Sunday, Monday i got replies with discounts and cars in stock .. the dealer at the Audi glen had the papers drawn up and everything before i even saw the car, a demo was on hand also for me to drive, and when i decided not to take the car he phoned me after a month asking if I'm still looking for an RS4 ... (cause he could not sell it) ... i could get all the colours and with discounts too ... the prices were not cheap R650k odd ... but with spec of course ...

If it is R640k ... then South Africa is the only place in the world where an RS4 is cheaper id say ... the RS4 comes with no spec at all ... so BMW is doing the same and it makes the car a bit competitive with the RS4 pricing ... so i think what 888 posted might be very accurate ...

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