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Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
Nice! I guess I didn't need to roll my fenders but I'm dropped pretty low so we'll see...

Looking forward to the photos.
I am on performance suspension with sport OEM springs and I can barely get the finger in where the tire and fender gap is, it seems like 275 tire is higher?

Originally Posted by ShowTime12 View Post
Glad your liking your new PS2s. And nice to hear you didn't even have to roll the fenders. Looks like I know what tires I'm getting on my ZCPs now.
I was told that I might rub. I want to prevent "the rub" as much as possible so I got an appointment to get rear fenders rolled professionally just to be on the safe side. I love the look and its hard to make me happy like this but I feel like I struck gold. This setup doesnt just look good but the car turns in like crazy unlike unsettled piece of crap Contis I had. Maybe tire sizes make such a difference, who knows.

Hopefully my photobucket account is all fixed by tomorrow. I will roll fenders, wash the car, then take some pictures.