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Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
Welcome to reality. Interesting how her leaving you coincides with you leaving your fathers company and becoming a millions less successful than you'd ever be staying there and collecting family money. But whos thinking about that? Or whos thinking about you getting rid of the m3 for just any ol car? Nahh.... Shed never do that to you? right? your sure right? I mean its been 3 years.... and its not like shes talking to other guys? or has been.... or loves attention? and money? nahhhhhh. I'm sure she loved you for you. Maybe its time to start seeing a therapist. Maybe not.... that could get expensive. Maybe your parents will pay? or the sale of your car? Or maybe your girls new boyfriend? I bet hes got a sick car. Probably stacks of cash too.
What the hell is your problem?
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