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Originally Posted by compm3e92m3 View Post
Where do I start:

Ive been with my best friend for 3 years. We were friends before we were together so we basically grew up together. She breaks it few days after our anniversary which was about a month and a half ago. I didnt want it but I couldnt do anything. I was sad and now depressed. She is but doesnt show it as much. She said wants to be more independent, single, experience her life etc...

During the past month, Ive tried to ignore her, but being a dumbass, if she sends me a text "i miss you" or "will be good friends in time" I respond and find hope in us. I left for to Texas to get away for a bit and she was crying non stop for 2 days cause she thought I was gonna be gone for good. She finds out when I come back and starts crying again. Tells me shes fallen for someone else. Not what I want to hear but oh well.

Heres what shes doing now: Her guy friend(the one shes falling for) who always has liked her is now her comfort and they are dating now. So much for independence. lol

Me: I met a new girl but I dont want a rebound. I have her as a friend and nothing more. I told her and she understands.

Heres where you guys are gonna say WOw get over it, theres plenty of fish, your a weak person, yes ive heard it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im only 20 years old. Shes 19. Ill be 21 in one more month, and yes ill get back to meeting new people and hopefully finding someone better. Hopefully someone classy and I dont think that I will find it at clubs or bars. Im NOT and its just my personality to just go around dating a bunch of girls.

My birthday is coming up and I dont know if I will invite her but will see with more time. MFest will be nice to take my mind off things.

It amazes me, and I saw this all around me(divorce, break ups etc.) and I said this cant happen to me, but it amazes me how someone has values, has so much love, so much care, passion etc, then one day turns around becomes the complete opposite. Some people can be easily influenced I guess.

As of now, I am hurt so badly, ive lost alot of sleep, waking up at 3 am and just cant go back to sleep. I dont eat much anymore, like one meal a day. I am seeing a therapist, not only for this but I also got alot of shit going on in my life besides this, so this was a nice icing on the cake to top it off.

Thanks for listening, I had to vent to this bmw community. I liked to hear your comments.
oh and just in case...