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Time to start! What program were you interested in?

Thanks, and I really think all us Rochester guys should go out and get some beers sometime, we should set somethin up.
Advertising and PR.

Def. down for a beer.

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How far of a hike is it to Schmitt from Rochester? And have you had any dealings with West Herr here? Thats where I bought the car, but I wouldn't recommend the sales end to anyone, haven't had service side work yet. Doubt I will since I've had the car less than a month and I just bought a JB4, and some other stuff.
45min there. They always give excellent loaners and they take requests. On more than one occasion they have driven my car out to me when I didn't have time to get it too. But just keep in mind that I bought my car there.

MY MISTAKE EVERYONE- Towne BMW, Schmitt Audi lol

When I bought my Audi at Schmitt I would take it to holttz for work. They are useless and incompetent. If you need work, it's usually best to hit your original dealer. Holtz would give me Honda and Mazda loaners on my 2010 A5. Towne always gives me bmw's. Usually 2010 or newer too.

I've heard west Herr sucks. I have a friend who is the finance manager there and another friend who may take. Job in sales there. If that happens, you guysshoukd have no problem...