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Originally Posted by zsapphire7 View Post
Hack, on a side note, if your suspension frequency/spring rates (front)are higher in this case, does that mean you can turn the steering wheel faster without experiencing this "understeer"?
Someone once accused me of typing out these long @ss answers that doesn't technically answer anyone's question, so here it goes...


My long and convoluted answer follows.

No it doesn't mean you can move your hands faster. It does mean that the rate of movement will need to be adjusted. Sometimes when you increase your wheel rate without matching damper rate, you may actually have to move your hands even SLOWER to prevent either end from losing grip. A better way to look at it is if you add more grip up front, you can potentially increase the rate of movement (but still not move your hands FAST). Another way to look at it is, you can start your turn-in later and turn in the wheel MORE in when you have more grip up front. But it still needs to move as slow as possible.

Which in turn introduces another issue in this complex equation. When you increase grip up front, and not increase grip in the rear, your vehicle can go from a understeer state in the specific situation you're trying to resolve, to oversteer if you move your hands TOO fast. So, like my typical answers, it's probably not going to really answer anything. At the end of my long winded post, my true answer to you is, IT DEPENDS.
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