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Originally Posted by DaFish View Post
...I still don't get it...
Here's what you need to do. You need to take some high performance driving schools. Stat. You are still missing the majority of the concepts I'm trying to explain, and at this point you're definitely one of the cases where you're bright enough to think you understand the concepts, but without the actual application of the concepts, there's absolutely no way to connect the dots.

The two men in my avatar...The old dude is the greatest teacher of man in the history of sports. The younger dude is probably one of the best coaches in the country right now. If I'm EVER 1/10th the teachers they are, then I would have a very successful career in teaching. And I'm sure both of them will tell you that, in any sport, just as life, the number 1 thing you can improve upon on performance, is yourself. If you still haven't gotten that, no amount of dissertation from me is ever going make it all of a sudden make sense for you.

What I am going to say, one last time, and if this still doesn't make sense, I will gladly bow out of wasting my time here. The car still has a ton of grip. So much so that adding grip at this point is a pure waste, since you still haven't comprehend how to add grip up front with YOUR HANDS. If you come to grip with the fact that the slower you move your hands on turn-in, the higher your turn-in speed therefore the faster your speed through the turn and at exit...You will have at least understood why I kept telling you adding more grip isn't going to help you.*

And to E90Pilot's point...I've driven my fair share of E90s. There ARE ways to add more grip up front via the driver. Not disputing his point that these E90s will eventually understeer (just as I pointed out earlier, all cars will at some point), and not disputing that these car's limit to understeer comes much faster than last generations of BMWs...I am, however, pointing out that there are ways to cure that through the driver, and that's still far more effective than trying to cure it through mods. If you haven't trained yourself to actually squeeze the last bit of performance out of the stock system, say, at current skill you can only get about 3/10th of the actual speed upon entry, making it that much more capable...You're still only taking advantage of only 3/10th of the grip that you will add. Making yourself capable of taking that turn at 8/10th will be worth FAR MORE than adding another 3/10th via mods. But again, to his point, that these cars do understeer? Sure, adding some grip up front IS going to help the driver. Only if the driver is capable of taking advantage of that added grip.

*p.s.: I am getting way ahead of myself here. And I hope you read this last part before attempting to add speed through your hands...And this is why I say you absolutely need to take a couple of high performance driving schools before you proceed.

You can't move your hands slower and still make the turn without looking way ahead to figure out when and where you need to move your hands. High speed and high performance driving is COUNTER INTUITIVE. The only thing that makes perfect sense is the most basic of high performance driving. You need to look as far ahead as you can. For example, on a track I am easily looking 3-5 turns ahead, if not already thinking 3-5 turns ahead mentally, when I approach each turn. Because at the speeds you'll be capable of traveling, if you're thinking and looking at the turns you're approaching, you're already TOO LATE. But that visual skill comes from constant practice. And that visual skill will allow you to time your turn-in and hand motion and speed right to allow you to manually maximize grip all around. But none of this can be read and understood, from my experience. This stuff needs to be experienced, because without actually doing it RIGHT, you will never if you're doing it RIGHT.
The hell I don't! LISTEN, KID! I've been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I'm out there busting my buns every night! Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes!

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