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Nooo! You think it's rubbing cuz your lowered on performance suspension? Well that sucks. Was it just you in the car when it was rubbing or did you have passengers too?
Yes, I had myself +2 passengers. Even if you are not lowered at all you will rub because the shock will still compress and let the tire into wheel well.

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Cool video just don't understand what it has to do with this?

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I envy you for the size of you garage! You can easily install a car lift in there!
Its not my garage, its Eurowise garage, they work on BMW, Vw's, Audi's etc...

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How bad is the rubbing? If it's just the fender liner, you can probably make a few adjustments.
Unfortunatelly no, there is nothing you can do to the liner as the wheel is up against it pretty hard, plus in my case I have dinan cone right behind it thats very solid and not letting the liner move any further and on the other side I have a oil cooler grill that sticks out even further than drivers liner.

There is one thing you can do for the rear. You can try to heat the fender liner and roll it with a similar roller they use for Dynamat installs hoping you mend it into shape that will let the wheel go further in. As for the fronts you gotta get a less wide of a tire or change the offset of the wheel so as it the sidewall stays away from a liner.

I cant afford one more set of tires so if any of you considers this setup I would say go with 235 35 19 front and 265 30 19 rear, with those I didn't seem to have any issues with 4 people in the car and hauling ass on the deserted road of SC.