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Rear Ended. Sacramento Area Shops?

So I was rear ended on thursday in sacramento,

anyway the body damage was not that bad, he hit me at about 15-20mph, I was stoped (due to heavy traffic at rush hour) and he was checking out a girl in a mustang (his own words).

anyway the body damage is just on the rear bumper, it would seem as it just needs to be raplaced (as it cracked)...

Here is where it gets tricky, the bottom part of my passenger side tail light (i believe this is an LED) went out too, and my car doesnt give me the "tail light malfunction" on the dash that it normally gives me when i need to replace a bulb (it gives no code or warning at all)... also my trunk has been popping open randomly ever since that...

anyone have any ideas as to why my car is acting all strange after the accident?? or know of any shops that would be able to figure out what is wrong with it in the area? the body damage is simple enough that any shop should be able to fix, but what if theres is an electrical problem?

my car is a 2007, 335i, coupe, 6 speed, sports package, idrive... (if it would make any difference)

thanks guys