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Been there since Wednesday. The track was nice and empty on Thursday and I managed to get in 6 laps in a 2 hours. 4 was back to back and the car felt really nice, lap after lap and the brakes were fine. For every lap I was braking less and less so I feel i'm getting to know the track better.

Saturday was a lot more busy and the track opened really late. It was supposed to open at 16.30, but the recovery of all the broken race cars from the RTN race took a lot longer so it opened a 1 hour late and we only managed 2 laps in an open/closed session. Basically a lap and back to a red light. Eventually the bikers were banned from going on track.

We'll be back tomorrow if anyone is around. Look for a black de-badged 335 and a black Focus ST on UK plates if you are around.

Hopefully Alpina_B3_Lux will turn up tomorrow.

I'll post some videos later.