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Originally Posted by GreyGhost View Post
I personally use a DI filtraion system and dry with a leaf blower. With a good coat of Zymol the water shoots off thus minimizing contact with the paint. Any experience with this process?
I'd make a couple of minor adjustments to your process and I think you'll be getting even better results. Using the DI filtration and leaf blower is fine, consider adding a foam gun to the end of your hose so you can soak the car with some quality lubricating shampoo and help rinse off more stubborn contamination. The problem with your process is over time your going to build up more and more stubborn contamination that is not removed by this wash process. I'd recommend giving the vehicle a true wash with a quality wash mitt, 2 bucket wash method, etc. prior to applying your next coat of wax. In your case, I'd make sure you clay your paint at least twice a year to give you a fresh start.

Let us know if you end up adding anything I mentioned and how you make out.

Originally Posted by ADHD View Post
just got the first kit myself yesterday! woohooo
i got the same kit but with a flexible rotary plate!
Lake Country BFPK-400 Kit With 7" Rotary Plate
1 CCS 8 inch Yellow Cutting Pad
1 CCS 8 inch Orange Light Cutting Pad
1 CCS 8 inch White Polishing Pad
1 CCS 8 inch Black Finishing Pad
1 CCS 8 inch Blue Final Finishing Pad
2 Cobra Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
1 Cobra Quik Clenz Pad Cleaner Packet
1 7" Rotary Backing Plate LC-43-175

u cant beat it!!! comes with eveything.. im going to hit up my truck hood today!
Ascension - I'd recommend the kit that ADHD picked out. The only thing I'd consider changing is if they have 6" backing plate and 6.5" pads, you may want to choose that over the 8" pads. With a rotary buffer, the larger the pads, the more heat is generated at the edges of those pads and you can burn the clear easier. I used 7.25" sized pads with my rotary when I detailed professionally and plan on ordering some smaller pads next time around. I would imagine a beginner may find it difficult starting with 8" pads.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding using your buffer, I'll do my best to clear up any confusion you may have on anything.

ADHD - keep us posted on how you like the CCS pads with your rotary, I'm sure everything will turn out great!