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Originally Posted by Rick4345 View Post
This should answer your question. Good Luck
Thanks Rick. It doesn't work because my stock intake is a Euro version, can't not be unscrewed in 2 pieces like the US version.
But Thanks anyway.

I tried to fit the carbon part to my stock Euro box, but no success.
The only way is to buy another US intake box to fit with this US performance Intake.

Originally Posted by CobraMarty View Post
That is the EURO box you have on your car. You had a round filter. What is it you are trying to accomplish? The EURO box is just as good or better. If you want the Carbon Fiber look, those parts are available.
Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
Exactly ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Wasted your $$ on the PI if you already have the Euro intake. You're not gonna notice any gains with the PI over the Euro.

Heck, a lot of us got the Euro intake to replace our standard 2-part intakes as a less expensive alternative to the PI...

Plus now you're gonna have to hack out the carbon filter in the rear box of the standard intake just to realize the same flow you already had with your Euro

And yes both the upper & lower snorkel AND a cover for your Euro airbox are already available in carbon fiber (I have all installed on my 328ix).

If you insist on going with the PI, no need to buy a standard airbox, you should have no problems finding someone that will trade you their standard airbox for your Euro version - I traded my standard airbox to a member in Europe that ran into the very same problem as you.
I didnt know the Euro intake is better than the US.
Now I do :-)
Anyways, I'm gonna return the Performance Intake to the original seller. He agrees to take it back.

Oh well, more $ for other mods then.

Thanks everyone for your time.