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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
I dont know for all those who seems to know what they're talking about but I removed my logo from the airbag; prying it slowly over a credit card with NO damage.

And I took the replacement cf roundel who came in a STICKER format to the airbag cover for a SPOT ON mod.

So; I dont know for everybody else, but this is how I changed my roundel.
Let me clarify the reasons why the roundel isn't a sticker and is permanently attached.

During an airbag deployment, the cover moves upward and anything that isn't permanently attached might go flying through the cabin.

A sticker can't hurt, right? If a piece of paper can give you a paper cut how much damage can a flying roundel (with a nice sharp edge) do to your jugular? An eggshell can cut paint and I can drive a straw through an egg given the right angle.