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Originally Posted by chbrules View Post
Now I've gotten to thinking... I think the navigation system is dandy, though I'd probably never really use it, and the iDrive gizmos are really fancy and fun (I'm a tech dood), but is it really all that great?

Are there some quintescential features you iDrive/Nav owners use the system for? Maybe I can't think of something right now and I'll kick myself later if I find a good reason to have had it. Then again, it's $2100 extra.
RTTI feature can be useful. With regular everyday traffic, I can see it saving me an hour or more of wasted time a month (driving 60mi/day). But it's also damn convenient to detour around random accidents and construction (we have a lot that here). However, the RTTI does not currently work very well on surface roads. So it can easliy put you in a uncovered, slower route when avoiding the traffic it does knows about. I understand they are in the process of improving the coverage though.

The POI is handy: helped me find nearby Starbucks, Home Depot and Taco Mac when I was out around new areas. POI works good as long as you have an updated database.

If you're stuck in traffic on some long route, it's nice to be able to find the shortest detour around it.