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Originally Posted by B0b335xi View Post
is there anyway to check if this service was performed already? I just had my car a few months now and now and while driving I get random engine malfunctions and it says reduced power. I work 80 hours a week so it's hard for me to get it into a dealer, but I'll end up having too. If I just pull over and turn off the car and turn it back on it's fine. I've heard that this is probably this problem. I'll have to take it in. I just didn't know if you can get a service history online or over the phone without going into the shop

edit: answered my own question. called the dealer and gave them the VIN. Scheduled service for 3 recalls. Awesome
Your symptoms are not necessarily recall related. Could also be VANOS, vacuum leak, or collapsed vacuum hoses to the waste gates. All of these cause exactly what you are seeing. Be sure to mention it and get them to pull codes, don't just assume HPFP.