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2008 335i E92, Almost full mods

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"Quote by the HACK on post #26:
Originally Posted by DaFish
...I still don't get it... "

I just re-read my posts... I never actually said this, nice trick though - I'll have to remember this one. I could put one in for you too... but I won't.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
You need to take some high performance driving schools. Stat.
You are right, I am on it. One of my friends is an instructor -drives Turbo cup cars (he has a 944 turbo cup). I plan on having him instruct me at Mosport - in my car... I will start reading up on it too...

BUT, I think you are making a huge assumption on my driving skills as they are now. You didn't see my line, or how fast I was going... nothing but my description of what I was doing. Pretty thin.

Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
You are still missing the majority of the concepts I'm trying to explain, and at this point you're definitely one of the cases where you're bright enough to think you understand the concepts, but without the actual application of the concepts, there's absolutely no way to connect the dots.
I am NOT missing the majority of the concepts. I get it already. Your descriptions are clear, concise and being "bright enough", I completely understand your additional condecending comments. I welcome NON condecending comments though.

I understand what understeer is. I understand fast in slow out. I understand moving hands too quickly.... I understand high performance driving instruction would allow me to perform better, and enjoy it more.

I also understand that stock, the car needed help to increase the handling to a point I would enjoy it more. I turned to Dinan and didn't try to "fix" this myself - and wreck a really nice car. It worked. The car defintely performs MUCH better than it was. It has more steering feel, quicker turn in and more balance - it is way more fun and capable.

Is there more performance to be had? YA there is.

I have the LSD, the matching rear dinan bar coming and the subframe bushings coming. I have already paid for those, so I can't wait to feel the difference with those.

Anyway, I am having a lot of fun doing this, and my pleasure at driving the car has gone up 10 fold.

I am looking into track days now in my area too - I'll try to line my instructor up.
2008 335i E92 Black, Procede Rev 2.5 (11-1 map), BMS DCI, AR Catless DPs, AMS FMIC, Procede PWM Meth, Forge DVs, CDV delete, 230s w/ 235/265 Michelin PSS, Dinan S3 susp w/ front/rear M3 arms (4), Wavetrac LSD, Subframe bushings, Dinan Rear Sway, Rogue toe arms, Stoptech Slotted rotors, Stoptech Street pads w/ steel lines

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