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Just to elaborate on my point a little, my E90 in stock form (I'm not sure if they changed it over the years) promoted bad driving habits. Yes you could manipulate it to get more front grip, but what you had to do was really drastic. If you hopped in a properly balanced car, you would spin it in the first turn doing what you needed to do in the E90. And it wasn't really the fact that it understeered that bothered me. It was how it understeered. Once the front lost grip it was like a switch. The car would go wide abruptly and would not easily recover. A touch too much gas on corner exit would send the front wide and lifting and backing out steering wouldn't get the nose back. The car has a "soft-lift" to prevent you from getting into a classic understeered to oversteer situation. And you can shut it off. The only thing you could do was brake. Or wait until the car finally lifted hopefully before you hit guard rail.

The way I have the car set up now, I can be subtle with steering, brake, and throttle inputs. That promotes good driving habits. It rewards being smooth. Being abrupt will cause it to understeer. In stock from you really had to monkey it around to do what you wanted which is bad if you're trying to learn.
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