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Originally Posted by lpphreakx06 View Post
They seem like good guys. I've never bought a car form them though. 26k for a car with 50k miles is really high. I paid 27k iirc for my 2007, and my car had 17k miles, this was like 3 years ago. My point is you can get a lower mileage car (thats in warranty) for the same price.
Apparently i already searched through autotrader and craiglists for few weeks and there is no E92 335xi that sells this cheap. The KBB retail value is $32K while the trade in is $27K, so they selling this car under KBB trade in value. I found out from the Carfax that this car have been in their lot since December 2010. Do i need to be careful to purchase this car?

I smell something fishy here or people just don't want to buy BMW 335xi without the factory warranty.