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Originally Posted by issabmw View Post
Oh sorry, silly mistake, I didn't even read what you drove.

It should be easy, I think that's the only place they would reason to put the wiring, unless they tucked it in somewhere.

Best bet it to take a look at it. You'd be doing us Xi guys all a favor, and I'd have no problem donating to your cause
Its funny because I have actually been thinking about doing something like this for over a year now and haven't logged onto this forum in a long time. It all started when I saw a $17K suzuki that had the option of being AWD, RWD, or 4-wheel drive, and my $50K BMW can only be AWD. I log on today and see this thread up and now I have all the motivation I need to get this done. I got a great idea that is a simple solution that I think would work, especially after seeing that you can remove a fuse to get this done, minus the windshield wiper problem. It would be switchable between RWD and AWD.

Now for another question, does anyone foresee any problems with the computer thinking that it can control power between the front and back and not being able to in regards to the traction control system? My solution would not automatically disable the traction control like pulling the fuse.