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Originally Posted by Goodneighbor View Post
Install was easy. I didn't even remove the front wheels to take off the bumper. As stated earlier in this post. But if you have the resources I definitely recommend taking the front wheels off. You will have an easier time taking the bumper off as well as adjusting your lights and re-installing the bumper. Plus it would probably cut about a half an hour to an hour off of install(it took me a while to reach up and get some of the bolts holding the front bumper off)

The mounts looked and functioned the same way as the stock halogen headlight unit. Very similar to OEM.

I ordered the basic headlight unit (non led turn signals, 4 LED AE's)
I definitely recommend upgrading to the unit with more LED's in the AE's. Just 4 LED's is not that bright(If you care about AE's). They are not very noticeable during the daytime. I specifically ordered this unit because it is very close to OEM and it has projectors unlike the stock halogen. Just normal bulbs seem ten times better/brighter with projectors than the regular stock headlight unit.

I also ordered just 35w super white H7 bulbs for the time being. My car is super finicky with the HID's. So for the mean time I want to be error free. Like I said, they are ten times better inside a projector housing. Eventually I will make the upgrade to HID.

I did order the 2 turn signal bulb sockets from Jlevi. My headlight unit came with normal turn signal adapters but the quality was not as good as compared to the Jlevi turn signal adapters that I purchased. So naturally I switched them. Im sure the new LED turn signal units look great and are probably much brighter but I went the cheap route(non-LED turn signal Headlight unit). I also ordered some stealth 5707 bulbs off ebay for my turn signals. That way when the turn signal lights are off you don't have a orange reflection in the headlight. I would recommend the 5707 LED bulbs. They are much brighter than just the normal stealth bulbs.
So just to make things clear. If you order the basic headlight unit without any upgrades as far as LEDs you will not get any error codes. I've been in doubt on purchasing these lights but if anyone can clarify this statement I would greatly appreciate it and would give me more confidence in purchasing these headlights. Thanks for any help.