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XF facelift: I like it. Sometimes the best designs are simple and while it might not have the same surface detail as the 5 series it just works. Now I can't imagine the headlights being any different. They should have been like this from day one. Just think where Jag came from (X-type and S-type).

XF-R facelift: Front intakes are so random lol. The car also has other details like chrome and vents that I wouldn't like if it was a BMW but again it just works. I think it will stand out well next to the M5 and E63. Now we just need to see the new RS6.

Edit: Oh yeah and the R badge needs to come off and I'm still not a fan of the wheels. I think the reason why this car looks good is because the whole thing is a unique design. The 5 series, A6 etc are similar to other models and you can't just stick crazy bumpers on them because it wouldn't fit in with the rest of the design.